Lava Stucco

A versatile stucco for decorative effects

This is a textured, natural lime-based finish. It can be applied in more than ten distinctly diverse finishes, such as Craters, Juta, Rain, Spazzolato, Tessuto, and Crocodile Skin, and many others. Although it is lime-based, it is remarkably hard.

It has a lower absorption degree than normal lime plasters and is therefore ideal as a support for veiled effects.

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Stucco Italiano’s Lava Stucco is a very versatile material that can be used for a wide range of pearlescent, oxidised and metallic effects. Some finishes made with Stucco Lava are suitable for exterior walls. See all the effects.


A 100% natural version is available for this product. This Biological Version maintains the ease of application and esthetical beauty of the original, while excluding all chemicals in favor of vegetable starches and cellulose, milk derivatives and, for the powder version, pozzolanic agents. Click here to know more about our eco-friendly materials.


Stucco Lava comes in paste form, in buckets of 20 kg.
The Ecological version comes in powder in 16 kg buckets.


20 kg (1 bucket) = 8-14 m²

Base for veiling

It is less absorbent than normal lime plaster and therefore is easy to use as a base coat for veiling. Most of our Lava finishes are made with Lava stucco covered with Pearl Cream, the specific additive for Lava, applied either with the ‘Veiling’ technique or applied with spatula or trowel, like the Lava Metallic series. Once the material is laid out in the desired texture, all the effects of Lava Stucco can be obtained through the application of complementary products, such as Pearl Cream, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Gold, or Glitter Cream, a gel composed of silvery glitters.


It is quite solid and strong and can, therefore, be used for finishes which need to be sanded such as our finishes made with Mother-of-Pearl or Bark. Because it’s so robust, it can also be used in finishes which have lines in relief that with weaker plasters could be damaged more easily. One such finish is our Rain which is made with a brush trowel.


All the Stucco Lava finishes need two applications. The first function as an absorbent substrate. It should be left to dry completely before doing the next application. The application is always done with a metal trowel, but other tools can be used for different effects, such as a plastic brush for the Rain effect or combs for a Spazzolato effect.

Watch the application video: How to apply Stucco Lava Rain, Stucco Lava Crater, Stucco Lava Mother of Pearl

Color and additives

The base of Stucco Lava is naturally white, but it can be colored with any tint of Stucco Italiano’s Color System. Some additives go well with this product: Pearl Cream and Glitter Cream. Pearl Cream is a metallic wax in Silver, Gold, Copper, or Bronze. Glitter Cream is a gel with Silver Glitters.

More than 10 finishes and effects

More than 10 finishes and effects

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