Liberty Arena

Iridescent effect with a sandy touch

The quartz micro-spheres give the material a striated relief effect, reminding that of sand. The mineral pigments give the surfaces a pearly and iridescent effect. Many effects can be obtained by different applications.

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A sandy look with an iridescent effect

Liberty Arena is a metallic iridescent finish for interior walls. The products contains special quartz micro-spheres that create a striated relief, soft-sandy effect. Meanwhile, the mineral pigments give the surfaces a pearly and iridescent effect that changes according to the angle of refraction of light.
It comes in Silver and Gold and both can be tinted with water based dyes.


The Silver version has a natural white color and can be tinted in any color with our Color System. If mixed with black. It gives different gray-silver shades up to slate black. The Gold version, which is naturally yellow, can be tinted in many different colours creating striking, emotional effects, like greens (mixing it with blue) or oranges ( mixing it with red) with golden inner reflections.


Because of its very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC < 19,05 g/l), Liberty ARENA is an exceptionally ecological product.


1L and 5L plastic buckets


5L (1 bucket) = 36 sq. meters


By spalter

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Liberty Arena's colors and effects

Liberty Arena's colors and effects

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