Marmorino Coarse

The traditional Venetian Polished Plaster

It is made of natural lime and selected marble powders, that recreate the elegance and splendor of Venetian palaces. It’s a plain finish, with little movement and medium shine also used to realize faux marble effects.

Marmorino is produced in compliance with the ancient Venetian formulas and adapted to the current housing needs.

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The historical Venetian stucco

Marmorino Veneziano Coarse is the kind of Marmorino that more reminds the historical Venetian finish. It is based on calcium oxide and used for interior and exterior wall decorations. Marmorino plaster can be finished via multiple techniques for a variety of matte, satin, and glossy final effects. It was used as far back as Roman times but was made popular once more during the Renaissance 500 years ago in Venice.


Marmorino Coarse is about twice as thick as Marmorino Medium and similar to the antique Marmorino of Venice which had a total final thickness of about 3 millimeters. Traditionally, it was used as a surface substrate which was applied in numerous coats with each coat being progressively finer.

It can be applied both on interior and exterior walls. This is the right material for finishes like Faux Marble. It is also appreciated for its calm texture and looks like polished stone.It is also the right material for finishes like Marmorino with Mother of Pearl.


A 100% natural version is available for this product. This Biological Version maintains the ease of application and esthetical beauty of the original while excluding all chemicals in favor of vegetable starches and cellulose, milk derivatives, and, for the powder version, pozzolanic agents. Click here to know more about our eco-friendly materials.


Marmorino Coarse comes in paste form in 24 or 16kg buckets.
The Biological version comes in powder form in 16kg buckets.


Marmorino Coarse is applied with a metal trowel in three coats. The first coat must be spread abundantly, without imperfections, and left to dry completely. Apply the second coat in a thinner layer, obtaining a smooth but not glossy surface. With the wall still damp, apply the third layer with small strokes, and, immediately after, remove almost all the material. Before the surface dries, gently caress the surface with the blade of the trowel, to compact the material.

Marmorino Coarse can be tinted in the colors of the Italian Stucco Color Chart. Finish the surface with our Natural BeesWax or Marseille Soap.

More info about the application of Marmorino Coarse can be found in the technical section of Marmorino Medium.

A wide range of finishes and effects

A wide range of finishes and effects

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