Metallic Marmorino

Classic Venetian Stucco enriched with metallic powders

In this variation oMarmorino Veneziano Fine the metallic effect is achieved by introducing a large quantity of pearlescent metallic powder instead of the usual marble powder. This gives the finish a soft, iridescent look.

It’s available in Silver, Gold, Copper, or Bronze.

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This is a variation of Marmorino Veneziano Classic. The metallic effect is obtained by the addition of a large quantity of fine varicolored metallic powder instead of the usual marble powder. This finish has a soft-looking effect that changes depending on the refraction of light against the surface and your point of reference.

The product base is white and is standard tinted in three colors: Gold, Silver (almost white), and Copper, but the color can be changed slightly with the addition of small amounts of dye color. It is only for use on interior surfaces.


This product, of a superior fineness, is aimed at prestigious indoor decorations and the main characteristic is the reflection in its satin half-bright finishing. The application of more fine coats is possible on many different kinds of surfaces after an appropriate under-coat smoothed with the stainless steel spatula.


Metallic Marmorino is composed of micro-filtered aged slacked lime putty carefully mixed with a series of prestigious mica powders, with silver, golden and bronze effect. This produces a stucco paste ready to use able to satisfy many kinds of finishing needs due to the many methods of application.

Note: This is a description of the normal application.

Tools necessary for application: 1 large trowel – in normal condition, 1 large trowel – in good condition, 1 medium-sized trowel, a soft cloth.

Before the application

Protection of the work area: Masking tape and protective material over the baseboards and around windows and doors. Don’t ever use excessive pressure when applying Metallic Marmorino. Be sure to use a very light touch even when polishing. Don’t apply in temperatures below 5°C (41°F).

Remember to have a strong light parallel to the wall and situated on only one of the two sides of the wall you are working on (usually on the same side other sources of light come from such as the windows). In this way the shadow of the trowel allows you to see the actual state of the finish. Every so often, during the second and third coat, the light should be moved so that the wall doesn’t dry out too much in one spot from the heat of the lamp.

  1. First, apply two coats of our white Marmorino Classic with a large, metal trowel using about 600 grams of material per square meter. Be careful to allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second one. This will leave a more even surface, which is not shiny. The aim is laying down the first two coats is to obtain a thick and even absorbent layer on which to spread the successive coats.
  2. To avoid problems removing the masking tape at the end of the job, it is best to replace all the tape when the first coat is almost or completely dry.
  3. When the first two coats have completely dried, normally by the next day, the first coat of Metallic Marmorino is carefully applied with a good, large metal trowel using 150 – 200 grams per square meter. Always keep in mind that the aim of this coat is to lay the smoothest and most uniform surface possible without creating shiny areas. Since shiny areas can cause problems when applying the successive coat, it is necessary to work with a light touch, without pressing too hard; maintain a 40° angle with the blade of the trowel.
  4. During this first Metallic Marmorino coat, a pattern using single strokes can be created as long as you use a light hand in an orderly fashion. Before this coat is completely dry ( or also when it is dry), apply the last coat of Metallic Marmorino with a medium trowel.
  5. When applying the last coat, be careful to never press too hard, complete areas of approximately a half or one square meter at a time, and polish very lightly with the metal trowel first and then with the non-woven fabric.
  6. For this last coat, leave visible strokes that vary in the direction from one stroke to the next, so that you achieve a uniform design over the entire surface. Final polishing can be done with a soft cloth such as our Non-woven fabric.
  7. During application be sure the work area isn’t too damp or warm to avoid problems with application times.
  8. Remember when you are applying our Marmorino: it should not be too difficult. If it seems too difficult, stop, and try to understand what the problem is.
  9. Of Special Interest: The color can be changed slightly with the colorant, for example from Gold to obtain a reddish or a green (adding blue), or to obtain bronze by adding a black and red dye. The Silver can really be in any color.

 Special effects

First of all, remember that the first, then the second coats of Marmorino Metallic should be applied in very thin layers over a perfectly flat surface of Marmorino Classic. The three kinds of Marmorino Metallic can be lightly tinted to achieve different tones. So, for example, for a richer Gold, you can add a bit red to the second coat and then have the last coat a normal natural Gold color. It looks elegant to use the Silver in its natural white color in the last coat having done the previous one with a little gray. The Gold can easily be turned to bronze using a little bit of black and red. You can mix a little Gold with Silver to achieve a nicer gold tone. You can apply one coat of Copper and the second coat of Silver or Gold allowing the red of the Copper to shine through.

Another interesting effect can be obtained by applying the last coat with a clean, polished 8 x 20 cm. small trowel. Using trowel movements a bit distant from each other, apply the material randomly in a 40 cm. x 40 cm. area, then come back to fill in the areas between the previous trowel applications so that the whole area is covered. Shine the whole 40 cm x 40 cm area before beginning again on an adjacent area.

Protecting the Stucco

Thanks to its smooth surface, Marmorino, is a finish that doesn’t attract dirt. However, after a minimum of 24 hours from the application, the following protective treatments are possible:

Available in Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze effects

Available in Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze effects

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