A finish that leaves free rein to the imagination

With Supernova each wall can be transformed into an exclusive work of art. It allows endless overlapping of colors by keeping in transparency the underlying ones. Washable, it tends to remain naturally clean.

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A crystalline transparency

Supernova is a latest generation wall decoration suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its main feature is optical depth due to its sense of transparency. This is achieved using a mixture of crystalline microspheres. When a light beam passes through these hollow spheres, it is broken up in several directions giving the surface and colors a sense of three-dimensionality.

It’s very suitable for a “cloudy” type finish where a color overlay is required such as in the sky at sunset, but it is also suitable as a single color to get a surface with a crystalline depth.

It has an acrylic base and is categorized as a stucco. Usually it is applied by trowel on smooth surfaces of any type, prepared beforehand with a normal primer, if possible.


2,5L plastic buckets


2,5L (1 bucket) = 20 square meters

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Available additives: Phosphorescent

Auxiliary products: Universal Primer

Tools: Trowel

Supernova, unlimited colors and effects

Supernova, unlimited colors and effects

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