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Floor plasters

Stucco Italiano’s Marmorino for seamless floors and Venetian Terrazzo

Here you will find different floor plasters, suitable for homes and public places. It must be noted that you can apply these floor stuccos also on walls. In particular, our Pastellone, a lime-based plaster that keeps in with the traditional Marmorino for floors, marries elegance with durability. Second, our Epofloor is a reinforced polished plaster for floors that guaranties the maximum of resistance, also in the highest traffic conditions. Least but not last, Magnesite is a new, thinner solution for the classical Venetian Terrazzo floor.

Floor Plasters: Minimalist & Natural Feel

Floor Plasters: Resistance & Versatility

Decorate and protect your floor plaster finishes with our additives

Stucco Italiano developes various additives to facilitate the application of our floor plasters, as well as to realize special decorative effects. Alternatively, other supplements are designed to provide the best protection and surface resistance for floor stuccos.

Floor Plaster Additives
A bucket and a bottle of Stucco Italiano's stucco additives

Lime-based Plasters for Seamless Floors – Marmorino for floor

Stucco Italiano produces and supplies resistant Venetian Plaster for floors, and other very strong polished plasters for floors. In this page you can find the most resistant among the natural floor plasters in the market. Particularly, our Pastellone is a Marmorino for floors that keeps in with the Italian traditional plasters. Adittionaly, Pastellone is an eco-friendly plaster for floors. Buy now our natural Marmorino for seamless floors. Second, Stucco Italiano’s Epofloor is the strongest and most durable polished plaster for floors. Indeed, this stucco for floors can be applied on walking surfaces of public spaces, as well as in private homes. Finally, Magnesite is Stucco Italiano’s latest stucco for floors. With Magnesite you can create beautiful Venetian Terrazzo for interior floor surfaces.