Italian Eco-friendly Stuccos

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Italian eco-friendly plasters

Natural ingredients only

The 16 products listed on this page are eco-friendly Venetian plasters and Italian eco-friendly stuccos. Specifically, they are 100% eco-friendly versions of our natural lime-based plasters. In fact, these materials exclude all chemical additives in favor of natural ingredients such as casein, shellac, and vegetable starch. Additionally, we produce all our Italian eco-friendly plasters in powder form in order to avoid the use of any preservative or anti-mildew. Nevertheless, they have excellent workability, comparable to the modern products that make use of chemicals. Moreover, their quality is excellent both for strength and duration. Finally, besides the 14 eco-friendly stuccos for walls, we offer also 2 ecologic plasters for seamless floors: Pastellone, a natural Venetian plaster for floors, and Magnesite, an ecological, thin solution for the classical Terrazzo Floor.

Italian eco-friendly stuccos

Leed Certificate

Stucco Italiano S.r.l. is a member of Leed Italy (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Indeed, many of our Italian eco-friendly plasters, such as  Marmorino Medium, Marmorino Coarse, Intonachino, and Pastellone are contributing to the achievement of Leed certifications. This is possible because, to produce them, we recover raw materials such as high-quality marble scraps.

Green Leed Eco-friendly Italian stuccos and plasters

Natural Marmorino

Eco-friendly Venetian plaster

Among our Italian eco-friendly plasters, you will find also two types of eco-friendly Venetian plaster (Marmorino in Italian). The first, Marmorino Medium, is an eco-friendly Venetian plaster that contains very aged, finely filtered slaked lime and special powdered marble granules sifted and selected according to granule size of 000 = mm. 0.0 ÷ 0.5. The second, Marmorino Coarse, is about twice as thick as marmorino Medium. Specifically, it is similar to the antique Marmorino of Venice which had a total final thickness of about 3 millimeters. Our eco-friendly Venetian plaster differs from other commercial marmorinos because, to produce it, we closely follow antique Venetian recipes that use only natural ingredients.

Natural final treatment for Italian eco-friendly stuccos

Natural protective treatments

Our commitment is to offer you decorative building finishes that comprehensively respect your health and that of the environment. For this reason, we have also developed various natural solutions for the final protection of our Italian eco-friendly plasters. For example, our eco-friendly Venetian Plaster can be treated with a naturally waterproof treatment such as our Marseille Soap Paste or our Natural BeesWax. Similarly, our ecological Tadelakt can be protected with a traditional Moroccan Black Soap. On the other hand, our Italian eco-friendly stuccos for floors, such as Pastellone and Magnesite, can be treated with natural Vegetable Oils Blend. Not only these final treatments contain ecological ingredients, but they also convey a natural look & feel to the finish.

Italian Eco-friendly Plasters

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Eco-friendly Venetian plaster for walls and floors

Nowadays, architects and customers often choose wall2floor seamless solutions for the interiors of homes, because of their natural, minimalist look. However, the majority of the seamless floor plasters in the market contain epoxy or other synthetical resins. On the contrary, our eco-friendly Venetian plaster for floors and walls, Pastellone, provides a hard, scratch-resistant surface, while being completely natural and ecological. Indeed, our Pastellone is probably the strongest among Italian eco-friendly stuccos for seamless floors in the market.

Pastellone Wall to Floor