Italian plaster tools

For a perfect application of Venetian plasters

Plastering Tools

Our search for perfection in Italian plaster finishes led us to collect and design tools for an ideal application of traditional Italian and Venetian Stuccos. We have taken advantage of our long plastering experience to collect from the market those Italian plaster tools that feature the best characteristics for an easier, finer application. Therefore, on this page, you’ll find a selection of professional Venetian plaster tools, as well as other traditional Italian plaster tools. Indeed, all Stucco Italiano’s plaster tools are Made in Italy, and they are designed according to the Italian tradition.

Additionally, we also conceive exclusive Venetian plaster tools to ease the application of Marmorino and to give our customers the opportunity of working with original accessories. Examples of our unique tools are the authentic copy of the hot iron, which we use to polish the fresco painted Marmorino and the Moroccan stone for Tadelakt. Similarly, we also provide an all-in-one Venetian plaster tool kit with case, that gathers all the necessary tools for the application of Marmorino Venetian Plaster.

Italian & Venetian Plaster Tools

  • All
  • Brushes
  • Other
  • Rollers
  • Sponge Floats
  • Trowels
Wood effect paddle
Trowel for finishes
Syringe 100ml
Swiss Trowel
Stone for Tadelakt – flat
Sponge for decorative effects
Sponge Float Red
Sponge Float for Velvet
Sponge Float for Dilavato
Spalter – Small
Spalter – Medium
Spalter – Big
Small brush
Rubber Paddle
Plastic trowel
Oval Trowel Small
Nonwoven fabric sheets
Mini Trowel
Mini Trapezoid Trowel
Mini roller
Metallic Trowel XL
Long Handle Brush
Handle for roller
Handle for mini roller
Floor waxing pad
Floor Waxing Felt
Flexible Trowel
Flexible Plastic Trowel
First coat trowel
Fiberglass Mesh for Walls
Fiberglass Mesh for Floors
Decorative Roller n.5 – Grid effect
Decorative Roller n.4 -Scratched
Decorative Roller n.3 – Hammered
Decorative Roller n.2 – Damask
Decorative Roller n.1 – Crocodile
Decorative Plastic Trowel
Corner trowel
Brush Trowel
Brush for dust
Brush for decorative effects
Big Brush
Bianko Trowel

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Stucco Italiano’s Italian plaster tools

Discover Stucco Italiano’s exclusive selection of professional Venetian Plaster tools for the application of traditional Italian stuccos. On one hand, we offer the best Italian plaster tools we have collected from the Italian market throughout 40 years of plasterwork. On the other hand, we provide original tools we have designed to answer specific needs. Many of these tools are exact copies of the traditional Venetian and Italian plaster tools. For instance, from Stucco Italiano you can buy the authentic Italian iron marker used to engrave the stucco to make stone-like shapes. Moreover, we sell a big variety of trowels and sponge floats for the application of Marmorino, Stucco Paint, Travertino, and more. For those who need to buy a comprehensive set of tools for Marmorino, we offer a Venetian plaster tool kit with case.

Venetian plaster tool kit

Among the various Italian plaster tools, you’ll find our Venetian plaster tool kit with case. It contains all the tools used by Italian craftsmen in the application of the traditional Italian Marmorino. Specifically, our Venetian plaster tool kit includes 3 stainless steel trowels; 1 Plastic trowel; 2 Corner trowels; 5 Scrapers; 1 Laboratory paddle; 1 Rubber Paddle; Sheets of non-woven fabric.

FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s Venetian plaster tools

Do you supply all the necessary tools for the application of your products?

Yes, Stucco Italiano provides all the tools needed to apply our decorative plasters and paints, a part from the electrical equipment. In particular, our Venetian plaster tools catalog includes a very broad range of tools for the application of Marmorino. We also provide a Venetian Plaster tool kit, which contains all the necessary tools for the application of Marmorinos.

Do you produce the Venetian plaster tools you supply?

Few of these tools are produced by us. Some of our Venetian plaster tools are made by specialized companies following our recommendations, which are based on our application experience. On the other hand, we purchase most of our plaster tools from Italian producers, choosing the best from the market. In fact, our Italian plaster tools come from different companies even if they have the Stucco Italiano logo.